Amy's Journey


     Amy Rauer has been involved with art since she was a little girl and first picked up a crayon. Drawing, painting, and crafting occupied most of her time growing up. This love led her to the University of Delaware where she received a BFA in Illustration with a minor in Ceramics. Understanding the importance of keeping her skills state of the “art”, she went back to school to obtain a BA in Graphic Design. 

     She feels very fortunate to be able to follow her passions and create art for a living. Her career has allowed her to explore a variety of art forms, including designing rooms at IKEA, creating artwork and patterns for a giftware company, and teaching elementary art for 5 years in the San Fernando Valley.

     Although Amy stumbled upon glass fusing by accident while surfing the internet, as soon as she took the first class in 2015, she knew something special was brewing. Her passion for glass fusion grew rapidly and she started to devour as much information as she could find on the art form. Techniques are vast and new ones are still being developed. Experimenting and combining new techniques is a constant as Amy continues in her glass exploration.

     The functionality of glass fusing was a big draw for her. The fact that you can use or wear the artwork adds to its appeal. Color and the feelings and emotions it can convey are often Amy’s focus on a piece. The knowledge of color theory comes into play in most of her art. The whimsy of bold colors in her pieces will make you smile, and the cool blues and greens will soothe and calm! She also gathers inspiration from nature and the patterns that surround her and translates that into her artwork. She combines her love of illustration into some of her pieces making them extra personal.

     Amy Rauer’s art is constantly evolving and she enjoys her journey in glass to produce the items you see in this shop. She is always creating so be sure to check back and see the ever-changing artwork.